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mobil: +36/20 9190 333
address: Budapest, Közraktár str. 22/B III/3A, Hungary
E-mail: csoszog at

Gabriella Csoszó

lives and works in Budapest
 Gabriella Csoszó is an artist, photographer, teacher, activist.

1995–1994: Postgraduate studies at the Master School of Fine Arts, Pécs, Hungary
1995: Auditor at the University of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary
1994: Graduated at the University of Sciences at Pécs  at the Faculty of Fine Arts as a teacher of arts, Pécs, Hungary

As a photographer, she has been documenting the most important events of the Hungarian opposition since 2011. Her images can be freely used by NGOs and professional organizations. Her blog, Free Doc operates as an online photo-archive.
She is a member of the Free Artists Group and supporter of The City is for All group and movement, Winter Holiday Camp movement.
Her most recent photo installations reflect on questions of the history of the recent past. Csoszó founded a privat contemporary photography educational program in Budapest fourteen years ago.  
Kontakt Photoart School
In her photoschool she started some special educational programme - Smile Photoschool for disabled children, Photocourses for death people, Photography and activism collaborative programme with homeless activists...
Cooperation, research and creative workshops, such as the exploration of photography, the main goal is visual processing social issues with photography.

2013. Artists in the School - Tranzit Contemporary Art and Social - Budapest
2011: Acax – ISCP Art Residency, ISCP New York
2010: Visegrad Fund, Art Residency, Prague
2009: Eötvös Fellowship, New York, ICP
2008: Art Residency, Lisboa (Gallery Budapest and Cultural Municipal Lisboa)
2003: „Big Leap” scholarship in the Portland (portfolio review), New York (ICP), USA
1994–1997: Scholarship of the Ministry of Education and Culture „Pécsi József”, Hungary
1995: „Haus am See” – scholarship of arts, Hannover, Germany

FreeDoc / Photography and activism
Free Artists
Occupy Ludwig
Tranzit Action Days
Winter Holiday Camp
The City is for All
Unite for Contemporary Art
Association of Hungarian Young Photo Artists 1993-2007 (from 2004 until 2007 shared art director)
Association of Young Artists of Fine Art

Exhibitions (selection):
What Practices do We Need? –, Slovakia
About Us to You Campaign and exhibition –, Budapest, Gandhi Highschool for roma children, Pécs

We have no home. Should we also have no country? / Photography and activism group geruilla poster campaign
"Between designated place and forbidden zone" - Realized within Outer space project - out of Kunsthalle Budapest
"Out of the Museum and into the Street" - PavelHaus, Laafeld, Steirischer Herbst
Negyed6Negyed7 Festival - Budapest
„Live Broadcast” – CH, Prague (solo), Visegrad Visibility - Pécs, Brno, Bratislava, Prague
Occupy Wall Street Library - ISCP, New York
„Live Broadcast” – Gallery Stúdió, Budapest (solo)
„Walk on” –  Gallery Photon, Ljubljana, sl (solo)
„without regard with my family” Fellegjáró valóság – Klauzál 13 Galéria, Budapest
„Free copies” „Retransmission Timeout” Paris Photo 2010 – Faur Zsófi - Ráday Gallery, Paris
„Walk in” Related Spaces – Ernst Muzeum, Kunsthalle, Budapest
„What you don’t know can hurt you” Open Studio – Karlin Studios (FUTURA Project), Prague
„Cherry trees” Long term action – Gallery  Karton, Budapest
„Eyes shut twelve times” Reality on Cloud 9 – Hungarian Cultura Brussels
„Prefaces” Interhuman relations – 2010 Photo Festival, Lódz, Pl
„Retransmission Timeout” ART FANATICS Private Contemporary Art Collections 2 – Kunsthalle, Budapest
„Free copies” (solo)- Faur Zsófi -  Gallery Ráday – Budapest
„Shelves” BBS 50 Other Voices, Other Rooms – Attept(s) at Reconstruction – Kunsthalle, Budapest
2009:  „Standing Stills” Amerigo Tot - Parallel Constructions – Ludwig Muzeum, Budapest
„Retransmission Timeout” (solo) –  Gallery Raiffeisen, Budapest
„Tie a tie” The rain before it falls – Gallery Karton, Budapest
„Prefaces” Present Continuous I-IV. –  Central European House of Photography, Bratislava
„Prefaces” Present Continuous I-IV. –  Hungarinan House of Photography, Budapest
„You are here” Retrospective exhibition, Collegium Hungaricum, Stuttgart, G (solo)
„Part” Zeitgenössische fotokunst aus Ungarn - NBK, Neuer Berliner Kunstverien, Berlin
Hallesher Kunstverien, Halle, Galerie der Stadt Sindelfingen, Colegium Hungaricum, Wien
„Part” Temporary- Gallery Karton, Budapest
„Revisiting memory/ Múltfutam” 2B Gallery, Budapest
„Without regard - with my family” Miedzy Ludzmi, Centrum Artystycznego Fabryka Trzciny, Varsawa
 „missing images” Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest (solo)
„Eyes shut twelve times…” Photonic Moment, Graz, A, Sarajevo, BIH
„you are here” Gallery Lumen, Budapest (solo)
„Eyes shut twelve times…” Photonic Moment, Ljubljana
„Seeming finish” Notes and scethes - Studio Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
„Part” Photomonth, Krakkow, Pl
„Portfolios” Gallery Studio, Budapest
„not yet…” Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest (solo)
„Faces / Closing eyes fourteen times” Gallery Collegium Hungaricum, Wien (solo)
„Part”  Privat matter? – Kunsthalle, Budapest, Pingyao International Photography Festival, China
Gallery Liget, Budapest (solo)
„between us” (video, 30 min.) Ne(a)t / Women on Women- House Kogart, Budapest, Keuken - collection of art videos - Tranzit - Autumn Festival, Budapest
„And how are you / Generally conversation”  Gallery Liget, Budapest (solo)
„Prefaces”  Present Continoue - Museu Imagem, Braga, PSociety of Solidarity for Equal Opportunities in - ASP „Espase Bar”, Hungarian Institute, Brussels
 „Faces / Eyes shut fourteen times” Dokumentum 6. – Distance  Contemporary Art Institute, ICA Dunaújváros, Hu
„Prefaces” Coming of ages - Gallery Benham, Seattle, USA
Books, catalogues selection:
"Truth is concrete / A Handbook for Artistic Strategies in Real Politics" Strenberg Press 2014.
“The need for practice”, Bratislava 2014.
"Out of the Museum and into the Street" Pavelhous 2013.
„Hungary: Halfway To Authoritarianism” Creative Time Reports
"Contemporary Art in Hungary " Spengler Katalin, Absolut Média Kft., 2011
„Related Spaces” by Ernst Muzeum, Kunsthalle (in hungarian, in english) 2010.
„Gabriella Csoszó catalogue” by Zsófi Faur - Ráday Gallery (in hungarian, in english) 2009.
 „Zeitgenössische fotokunst aus Ungarn”(in german, in english, in hungarian)
 - Neuer Berliner Kunstverien, Berlin 2008.
„Revisiting memory" Drei Raben Sonderedition (in german) 2007.
„Miedzi Ludzmi" (catalogue, in polish) 2007.
„Lumen Book 2" (in english) 2007.
„Revisiting memory" Lettre magazine, 2007/spring
„Present Continous” (Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest - Imagen Museo, Braga)
 (in english) 2004.
„Map”: Ica-notice, (artbook project in hungarian) 2004/26.
„Prefaces”: Gabriella Csoszó – Szilárd Podmaniczky (in german, in english) 2002. -



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